The Training College at Mount St. Teresa.
This Teacher Training College which is no longer in existence, it existed first for initiating the African Brothers to their life-long profession as teachers, and Savio School was founded as their demonstration school(then Junior Secondary). A few generations of Brothers passed through this T.T.C. as years passed, other class four or O-level leavers, who were not Brothers, were also admitted. With the change of times, teachers leaving Mount St. Teresa T.T.C. went elsewhere for more advanced studies in teaching. The centre went on for about fifteen years. Then with the foundation of Kyambogo National T.T.C., THE Brothers also profited by this new institution, and their was closed down in 1964.

The Higher School Certificate comes to Kisubi.
In the course of 1958, the education Department authorised some Colleges to embark on the new scheme which was called the Higher School Certificate, which, as mentioned else where, was the plan to withdraw two years’ studies from Makerere and add them on to the existing O-Level Secondary Schools. Therefore, Kisubi was one of the selected few to try the experiment, which luckily proved so successful, that other Secondary Schools, St. Henry’s amon g them, have been given the same privilege as the first original few.
In order to prepare for this new venture, more buildings were elected at those approved centres, i.e. lecture rooms, dormitories, laboratories. As already mentioned, at Kisubi , the Brothers undertook the construction work themselves. So then the Higher became the Pre-University course, and also made the O. Level a complete Secondary Course of six years (which was the desire of Mr. Jowitt, a former Director of the Education in Uganda).
The choice made of Kisubi to start this new course was a clear testimony from the Education authorities that they full confidence in the work of the Brothers, because they were going to confide to them as to the other few centres, the best candidate from Ordinary Level schools of all the country.
It is needless to say that the Brothers did their best to justify the confidence shown them by the authorities, and did their utmost to train the students who in future would be pround of their Alma Mater, and who would bring honour to their country and their religion.
Now, with the Higher, we have come to the peak of the Brother’s teaching and educating career whenever they are working and always with the aim that they are Brothers of Christian Instruction with their motto: D†S God Alone.
We have tried all the time to keep on the optimistic side of the work. But we must remember that a disciple is not greater than the master. The Master saved the world through continual contradictions, sufferings, and the cross. The Brothers in carrying out this tremendous work, were walking in the steps of their Master they had Vowed to follow and imitate. Therefore, they too were not spared the cup of contradictions, sufferings, fatigues, failures, sickness, etc. If they have been able to carry on up to now inspite of all these seeming setbacks, it is because they leaned on the Lord whose support never fails them.
And of course, they had always many sympathizers, both ecclesiastic and civil and many other good friends who appreciated and still appreciate their apostolic work in the schools confined to them either by the church or by the public. The parents who continually deny them their children, parents of all tribes and creeds are a public testimony that Brothers are loved and are appreciated! Thanks to them all. We ask from you all a prayer to the Lord that He may still continue giving them His ever unfailing help.

Actual situation of the district of Saint Teresa of the Child Jesus.
The Brothers in the first years of their labours were called to a very large field of work. But with changing times and unavoidable circumstances, they have done like an advancing army: there comes a time when the General says to the soldiers to stop and consolidate their position before advancing again. The Brothers have done likewise. They now hold fewer schools than originally planned. And so in Uganda we find them at:
• St. Jude Nursery school Kanywa. 
• Mugwanya Preparatory School at Kabojja.
• Lubaga Boys Primary School.
• Savio Primary School at Kisubi.
• St. Donozio Ssebugwawo Boys Primary School.
• St. Jude Primary School Kakooge. Nakasogola.
• St. Mary’s College Kisubi.
• St. Henry’s College Kitovu, Masaka.
• St. Edward’s Secondary School Bukuumi. Kibale.
• St. Johnfisher Secondary School. In Ankole.
• Bishop Comboni Secondary School Kabunga, Kanungu.
• Lubaga Boy’s Secondary School.
• St. Charles Lwanga Secondary School Kasasa.
• Caltec Academy, Makerere.
• Mount Saint Teresa, Administration centre and Postulate.
• Brother Charles Jule Potrais Scholasticate Kanywa.
• St. Maria Muzeeyi Noviciate at Kasasa.
• Kisubi Brothers University Centre.

Joint ventures

University Of Kisubi
For Holistic Education. Contact the Academic Registrar Tel: 0312 225400Email:

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St. Charles Lwanga Senior Secondary School Kasasa
Becomes a Government Aided School from January 2011.Use this chance to educate your Child.
Come and celebrate Kasasa at 60 years of existence on 28/06/2015


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