A news letter of  the Brothers of Christian Instruction, Kisubi.

 Issue no. 1        February 2011 


 Dear readers,

 We welcome you to our ‘resurrected’ news letter that has been in limbo for some years! We believe that the information contained in this copy will be useful, captivating and whet your appetite to contribute by writing some good articles to this mouth piece that is intended to maintain contact with all the Brothers, friends and well wishers! There  are many events taking place in our schools and communities; let us share them through the Herald! The initiative to resurrect this news letter has been taken by the Provincial Superior after having observed the lack of information from the different communities and the need to keep sharing as a family all that is happening in our province. Each one of us has the ability to write a small piece of information, humour etc please contribute generously to the Herald.

 2011 General Elections

 The election fever is on and we can observe the various villages, towns and Kampala painted with various colours from the different political parties. As Brothers, we have the obligation of shaping the destiny of our country. Let us therefore choose the candidate that we think will develop our mother land. Your vote is very important for the future of the pearl of Africa as Sir. Churchill called it! In our Rule of life, and the Uganda Episcopal Conference bars the Priests and Religious to indulge themselves in active politics! This restricts us from taking political offices because by our state of life. We are for all and not being ‘openly’ partisan! We should therefore refrain from open and active politics that is divisive in our communities! Let us exercise the act of secrecy and prudence within ourselves until the voting day!

 150 years of the death of John Mary Robert de la Mennais.

 It is common knowledge within our communities and in the Mennaisian family that this year we began the commemoration of 150 years of the death of our Venerable founder and this will go on until 2011. In our province as you are all aware the commemoration was kicked off in September 2010 in the presence of the Superior General and his Council! We continue to pray for miracles through our daily prayers and other spiritual exercise that this noble founder may be found worthy to be beatified!

 As you are probably aware, already one miracle of an Argentinean young star Enzo was miraculously cured of the bacteria that was eating up his brain! The Congregation Postulator is still working on this miracle and for any other development we shall be informed in due course!


 Brother Gerald Majella Nsubuga marks his feast day  in style.

 It was merry making when  4 sisters of Immaculate Heart of Mary Reparatrix of Ggogonya (Kisubi hospital community) surprised Bro. Majella with an evening visit at his community. The mesmerized brother looked with excitement as the sisters heaped on him praises for his contribution to their formation. “You are our brother, teacher, friend and father,” Sr. Max Nambaziira said.

 Bro. Majella on his part, thanked the sisters for remembering and praying for him. The sisters donated an assortment of gifts to Bro. Majella that included: a big iced cake, vegetables and fruits.Your browser may not support display of this image.

 Bro. Majella chatting with the sisters.

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 Bro. Majella enjoying the moment of the feast with the Provincial Superior.

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 Accepting a sealed token from the sisters of IMHR as Bro. Anthony Kyemwa looks on.

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 Sr. Max  delivers words of appreciation to Bro. Majella.


Province holds AGM 2011

 About 70 Brothers gathered on January 21st 2011, at Nabinoonya beach for their Annual General Meeting (AGM) to update the Brothers of the current situations of the different sectors of the Province. The meeting that was Chaired by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees Bro. Joseph Mubiru addressed among others, issues of Land, Accounts of the Province and the Strategic Plan for 2011-2016. Addressing the gathering, The Provincial Superior urged the Brothers to support one another and to be united in their efforts to further the mission of the Province and the Congregation. He introduced to Brothers some of projects of the Province including the opening of a mission in Southern Sudan and asked for support from all the members. The AGM was graced by the presence of the Assistant Superior (AG) General Bro. Gerald Byaruhanga who briefed the members of the current situation of the Brothers in all the sectors of the Congregation. He informed the meeting that the renewal sessions of the Brothers will be held every year (July-August) for the 35-50 years of age and that for the Perpetual vows, the session will be held once in every two years. The AG urged the Brothers who would like to participate in the session this year to liaise with the Provincial Superior early enough to carry out the necessary preparations. The meeting was crowned with a mouth watering luncheon.

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 Some Brothers at the Annual General meeting.

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 Some Ugandan Brothers who attended the Renewal Sessions posing for a photo at the Missionary Cross at Ploermel-France.

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 A cross section of some Participants at the Sessions with the facilitators and the Daughters of Providence.



 By Bro. Luwerekera Bernard

 The New Year has come with new developments here at the University College (KBUC). The College’s present administration block, which also happens to be one of the oldest buildings on the beautiful Mt. St. Teresa compound, is undergoing major renovations.

 At first it was dust and rubble all over as the workmen turned the brick verandah that has remained perfectly intact since the building’s inception inside out. And all of a sudden, the unexpected stormy downpour in the wee hours of Tuesday, January 25, cooled the atmosphere to the relief of the entire university community and its neighbourhood.

 The intervention of the Brothers on the KBUC staff to evacuate hardware, equipment, paper and other delicate materials was just in time to save valuable assets and information – thanks to Bro. Vincent’s foresight – as water poured through some points of the open roof. Today, memories of all this seem to be fading as construction work already heralds a better looking administration block once the work is completed.

 Around the same time, the University College community welcomed its new Superior, Bro. Ssekate Vincent, who proudly succeeds the founding Superior of Bro. Aloysius Lutaya community, Bro. Deogratias Mugema. As we welcome the new Superior, we express our heartfelt gratitude to the outgoing Superior for nurturing the youngest community in the Province and making it such an attractive place to live in.

 The University College community has also been blessed with yet another member, Bro. Lugemwa Emmanuel, the former headmaster of St. Savio Junior School, Kisubi.

 I need not introduce Bro. Emmanuel! He comes to replace Bro. Peter Kakooza in the Dean of Students’ Office, who has been assigned the job of Education Secretary of the Province. Besides his steady, pensive, calm, composed, unassuming, confident and empathetic demeanour, Bro. Emmanuel will be remembered (among other achievements) for grooming two head teachers – Bro. Mwebaze Bernard, who was his deputy and now the head teacher at St. Donizio Ssebugwawo Kisubi Mixed Primary School; and Bro. Aizire Cassio, who has been his deputy until his appointment to succeed him as head teacher of St. Savio Junior School, Kisubi, early this year.

 Many thanks and congratulations to Bro. Emmanuel for a job well done. Here at KBUC, we are delighted and privileged to welcome as one of our very own a man of Bro. Emmanuel’s calibre and experience!

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 KBUC Administration block under renovation


 The evils that men do live long after them but the good is often interred with their bones! Shakespeare

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