St. Savio Primary School

The well known St. Savio School at the foot of Mount St. Teresa was founded as a demonstration Junior Secondary School at the time when Mount St. Teresa possessed a Training Teachers’ College for the African Brothers and a few chosen class-four leavers. But with the change of times and the Uganda’s progress of the system of Education, the school founded in 1954 changed into an upper primary catering for classes six and seven. Brothers Aderit, Majjella Nsubuga, Marius Ntwatwa, Marsiale Mbagozeki, Barnabas Mugenyi, Bosco Bajuga, Vincent Ssenkandwa and Gilbert Ssekiwobe have been the successive runners of Savio School, helped by a number of other teachers not mentioned.
All these Headmasters and teachers have given Savio School a standard which has drawn to its attention of the education authorities and the parents in the country. The result was that what originally was solely financed by the Brothers for its development, was soon aided both by the Government and the parents so as to help to answer, as much as was in their power, the demand of the parents for an increase in the number of admission to the school. Many Old Boys who have appreciated the education given to them by the Brothers now send their children to this school, and it is a pleasure for the Brothers to welcome this confidence manifested to them by their former pupils. 
Currently the Head teacher is Brother Casio.


St. Donozio ssebuggwawo Primary Kisubi

St. Donozio Ssebuggwawo Primary School formally called Kisubi Boys (formally a boy’s school only) started in 1909 by the White Fathers in 2009 this school made a century (100 years) in existence.

At the start it was a catechism school by then and later it started to instruct children to read, write and doing simple counting.

Eventually, it was transformed into a formal primary. Since its beginning this school has been lead by different head teachers. In 1982, this school was taken over by the Brothers of Christian Instruction and it was administered by Bro. John Baptist Kalaama as its first head teacher.

In 1994, it became a mixed school for both girls and boys, within this time the school became a day and boarding school.

Currently the school has a total enrolment of 750 pupils coming from different countries in East Africa and of course southern Sudan. It has become a powerful school not in age but in academics and sports. In last year’s national examinations it was ranked the 20th in the country. Currently the school is headed by Brother Bernard Mwebaze. And currently there is a new construction of a new girl’s dormitory.

When you visit this school, you are welcomed by words like “Let the little children come to me” in Latin 


St. Jude Primary School, Kakooge

St. Jude Primary School Kakooge is a primary school which is Government aided started in the late 1990s, it is located in Nakasongola district, Nakasongola county, located in Kakooge, Kakooge Parish, which is situated in a rural location. The diocese of Luweero under the leadership of Doctor Bishop Cyprian Lwanga Kizito at that time invited the Brothers of Christian Instruction to head the school, presently it is under the leadership of Bro. John Mary Vianney.


Mugwanya Preparatory Primary School

Mugwanya Preparatory School at Kabojja was built in 1960 under the supervision of Brothers Maurice and Martin. Like Savio, it purposes was to be a boarding Primary School. The generous gift of land by the late Stanislaus Mugwanya enabled the Brothers to set up this school in Kampala area. Brother Arseni and Martin pioneered in the start of Kabojja, i.e. classes three, four and five of the primary course. During his six years of leadership, Bro. Arseni, under the difficult times of pioneering gave to the school a name which was known so far and wide that by now, after his successors have continued in the same trend, the demands for admissions to Kabojja are more than the school can cater for.
Now Kabojja Primary School takes in children for Classes one to seven. But in around 1976 it used to take children up to class four and from class four they proceeded to Savio School to continue their primary studies in Classes Five, Six and Seven. That was the reason why previously called Kabojja and Savio a Joint Primary School. And at that time the Government and Parents financial Aid greatly helped the maintenance of these two schools and their future as well.

At present the Head teacher is Bro. Godfrey.

Lubaga Boys Primary School

At the request of various authorities the Brothers accepted the Headship of the Boys Primary School of Lubaga in 1972. Brother Vincent Kirangwa directed the school for two years before handing it over to Brother Gilbert Ssekiwoobe. After the leadership of Brother Gilbert it went into the Headship of Brother Arseni Kwebiha. In all this the superiors of the Brothers have shown that they are ever ready to help in any sphere of education when the personnel at their disposal is available. Such was the aim of their founder J.M. de la Mennais.
The Head teacher is Brother Charles.


Joint ventures

University Of Kisubi
For Holistic Education. Contact the Academic Registrar Tel: 0312 225400Email:

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St. Charles Lwanga Senior Secondary School Kasasa
Becomes a Government Aided School from January 2011.Use this chance to educate your Child.
Come and celebrate Kasasa at 60 years of existence on 28/06/2015


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